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Although Bahá'ís now live in every country in the world and are considered the most wide-spread religion on the planet, they are greatly dispersed in the state of Connecticut. Few communities exist where there are more than just a couple individuals and in Windsor while there have been Bahá’ís for possibly more than a century, a formally organized community has not existed until 1999 when there were finally enough Bahá’ís living in Windsor to elect a Local Spiritual Assembly. The Local Spiritual Assembly (LSA) is democratically elected and, as there is no clergy within the Bahá’í Faith, serves as the governing body of the local community. The forming of an LSA was honored and marked by a visit from a representative of the National Spiritual Assembly of the United States of America, which is the democratically elected body that governs the community at a national level. There are also ten Regional Bahá'í Councils within the United States and the Universal House of Justice (located in Haifa, Israel) which functions as the world governing body and also offers guidance and interpretation of the holy writings.


The Bahá’í Faith was founded in the 1800’s in Iran by its prophet, Bahá'u'lláh. Bahá’ís (which, by definition, means followers of Baha'u'llah) believe thier Faith is the most recent revelation of God and is the spiritual message for our times. Bahá’ís recognize the prophets of all other major religions as messengers of one God. Among Bahá-u-lláh’s teachings are the oneness of humanity, equality of men and women, unity of religion and science, the individual investigation of truth, and the continual and progressive evolution of humanity toward a peaceful world-wide civilization. Furthermore, Bahá’ís believe that Baha'u'lláh has come to lead us forward in this progression through his teachings and laws. Because Bahá'ís recognize all the world's major religious groups, the Bahá'í Community in Windsor strives to maintain close ties with various local religious communities and is also very active in the Connecticut Council for Inter-religious Understanding (CCIU).


Bahá’ís everywhere are strongly committed to service to humanity and the Bahá’ís in Windsor have served their larger community in many ways since they were formally organized in 1999. The Connecticut Bahá'í Chorale was formed in 1991 and performs at many Bahá’í and non- Bahá’í events each year, including an annual choral festival in Wilmette, Illinois at the national Bahá’í House of Worship. The LSA has sponsored countless Bahá'í informational gatherings and celebrations open to the public at Windsor Library and Washington Park and for a time rented and maintained a storefront space that served as a Bahá'í Center. Currently several community members host weekly devotionals in their homes as well as children's virtues classes. Each year, as long as there are nine Bahá’ís living in Windsor, a new LSA is elected and formed.

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