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Prayer and meditation are food for the soul. We pray to praise God and to seek understanding. We pray for our loved ones. We pray for assistance in hard times and in gratitude for good times. We ask God to help us fulfill the purpose of our lives.

Bahá’í devotional gatherings are a time for people of all faiths and backgrounds to come together to share prayers in a dynamic and sacred atmosphere. Often held in homes or neighborhood centers, prayer meetings are free and open to all.

Join us for prayers, music and fellowship...On March 31st at 4:00pm the Windsor Bahai Community will host a devotional on the topic of courtesy.  All are welcome!  For more information and directions please call 860-878-1781.

"Firesides" are also ongoing in nearby Middletown at 7:30pm each Friday night. A "Fireside" explores the Bahai perspective on various topics of interest and are a great way to begin to learn more about the Faith.  For more information and directions please call 860-878-1781.


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