First Two "Playgroup Get-together's" a Success!!!

On October 28th and November 11th, Windsor children and parents gathered at a local Windsor residence for a "playgroup get together".   Kids ages four to seven participated in story time, a game, craft and playtime centered around the themes of love and respectfulness.  Another "get together" will take place on December 9th centered on the theme of responsibility.


All the playgroup lessons are based on the book "The Virtues Guide" which is a guide for parents on bringing out the best in children and encouraging positive behavior.  The Windsor Bahai Community sponsors and supports the groups and the playgroups are facilitated by both local Bahai's and non-Bahai's. The mission of the events is to give Windsor children the opportunity to learn and practice values like love, responsibility, respect as well as offer famlilies a chance to develop new connections and friendships and/or build on old ones.  

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